First time on-line here!

#1 von mazda-man1 , 24.03.2008 23:22

Hello Everybody

I am glad to be a member!
I believe I can learn a thing or two from you all about cars and life in general and maybe make a few friends.

I am an American that has lived and worked (Paid German Taxes for 10 years) in Germany for over 25 years. My wife is Italian (born and raised in Germany) and my two daughters 19 & 16 (born and raised in Germany) are American/Italian. There is not much that I can not do, or have not done and if it was not for that I would have never survived in Germany. I was an F-15 aircraft mechanic, all around man in housing contruction, and cars were my hobby. I am a honest and open minded person so if it looks and smells like shit I will tell you it is shit! I have own everything from a Trabant(3), FSO, Mercedes(3), Fiat(4), Audi, Renault(2), Alfa Romeo, BMW(2), VW(2), Opel and Mazda(4).

I went to the old school where an electric type writer was new, so if I am slow answering please be patience. I am not the best on a computer and this site is very hard for me to get around in. It took me 2 hours to write this, because everytime I changed a page and came back it was all gone. Once, I saved it and when I came back I could not find where it was saved. I will get it figured out sooner or later! I have a picture of my car, but I have not figured out how to get it where it should go. I also want to put it in the contest also, but I have not figured that out yet either.

My Car Data:
22 Dec 1987
Mazda 626 GD
5 door
GT Version
2.0 ltr. 16V (Euro1 Kat)
103KW / 140PS
Second Owner (12 Jul 2003 / 112,042KM)
134,354KM (NOW)
All Original (or original add ons) except full B & G Suspension (lowered 40mm)!

Sorry to here that Scatman is leaving us, we would have probably got along good! Good Luck in the future Scatman!

Well thats enough for now.

I can speak and read German, but I can not write it. Sorry!


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RE: First time on-line here!

#2 von serrasalmus , 25.03.2008 04:34

Hello and nice to see you here in this Forum!

You can also send the photo to my email and I will put it in the Forum for you!

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RE: First time on-line here!

#3 von cb2_meinerster , 25.03.2008 09:01

Hello here again now as you see - as i told you too - its no Problem in english a good reason to practice our english too (before its gettin rusty)

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