RE: Hello from Holland

#16 von 121MARCO , 22.01.2010 21:32

Hi auch von mir ein herz´liches Willkommen. You have great cars Da geht mein Herz auf.. Die meisten eurer Autos kennt man nur vom Buch/Foto . Gruß Marco

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RE: Hello from Holland

#17 von Juen Günther , 23.01.2010 22:52

Zitat von mazdahoebeke

Zitat von Juen Günther
Hello and welcome here in the forum. Nice cars do you have. Have you from the Mazda RX-4 Coupe 1975 with the 13 B Engine, the front and the rear Rotary Housings in New Condition?

NIce greetings

Günther from Austria


Only have complete 13B engine (RX-5) but can't sell for the moment, as engine will be needed in new project car.

O.K thanks for the answer

Juen Günther  
Juen Günther
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RE: Hello from Holland

#18 von Rudy , 23.01.2010 22:55

Hello fellow country men

Do you have any parts (interior, engine or suspension) for a 1971 RX2?
I have mine almost on dutch license plates and am working on parts needed to prepare it for APK (TUV).



Mazda RX2, 1970, 100000klm endurance test
Mazda MX5, 1991, Spec. Ed. nr. 138 or 4000
Mazda MX5, 1992, Rennwagen

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RE: Hello from Holland

#19 von cb2_meinerster , 23.01.2010 22:56

WOW wonderful Rides Welcome here

Ich libbe eusch alle trotzdem oder gerade deswegen Dawischt Schoenramer

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RE: Hello from Holland

#20 von Mazda626GC-Fan , 24.01.2010 18:02

Welcome to the forum!
Wow, soo many fantastic cars!!
Und so viele Eunos Cosmos. Ich hätt am liebsten auch nen 20B Cosmo.

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RE: Hello from Holland

#21 von mazdahoebeke , 13.02.2010 13:01


Took some time but I also found some pics. from our Rx-7 cars. The Yellow RX-7 SA ,first had 13B carburetted engine and now a FD 13B single turbo with 400 bhp. This engine will probably now converted to a FC because it's now overpowered. Cars are still in our possession.

Some owners of Mazda rotary cars are thinking of a meeting for Rotary cars nearby Maastricht (Holland of course) It should be a event for 2 days first weekend in June. Our question: Would there be interest from lets say: Germany, Switserland or Austria. There's nothing definitive for the moment just asking, could also be an idea for next year if time is too short.


Kees Hoebeke

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