Hi from Australia

#1 von Rotated6_2 , 13.10.2013 10:30

Hello fellow Mazda colleagues. I thought it was time to join this website because it is good to
see other Mazda enthusiasts from different countries.

I own 3 Mazda CB2 coupes - 2 with rotary engines and one waiting for an engine transplant.
Some of you may have seen them on other websites. For those of you who have not, here they are.

The green coupe has a 13BT, the orange sedan is my son's with the MA 2.0L, and the ivory coupe is a 13B secondary Bridgeport.

The MX5 is my son-in-law's. It is supercharged, we have fitted an under body "butterfly" brace bought from the US, fitted Yokohama race specification tarmac tyres,
and has just had fully adjustable shock absorbers fitted front and back. This car handles like a go kart!

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RE: Hi from Australia

#2 von micky , 13.10.2013 18:55

Welcome to our forum!

Nice Cars!


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RE: Hi from Australia

#3 von W-FORML_1 , 13.10.2013 21:34

Hi and welcome! I know, you guys have a lot of great old Mazda in down under.

I like your series 2 CB2! My parents had a white one in the 1980s but unfortunately my dad crashed it in 1986 (I was 5 years old). Then he bought a 929 sedan and since these days I'm affected...



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RE: Hi from Australia

#4 von serrasalmus , 14.10.2013 04:41


nice cb2s you have!

I own 2 cb2, too. One facelift and one prefacelift, both coupes.

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RE: Hi from Australia

#5 von Rotated6_2 , 30.10.2013 10:42

Here is a link to a short video we took last Sunday 27.10.13 after the Mazda gathering.
A few colleagues and I went for a drive. The road has a 13% incline. Many cyclists use
it to train on.


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RE: Hi from Australia

#6 von hexemone , 04.11.2013 23:37


Very nice cars - Looks pretty good

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Hallo und schönen Abend
Hallo Neu hier,

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