#1 von serrasalmus , 27.03.2008 05:26

took these pictures in Outdorp Neitherland in 2006 on vacation.

I put the car in the garage in 2006 before the winter and I have not had it out since.

I am going to take it out this year in May or June.

I have a wood steering wheel going in this year, I had it redone with piano varnish!

I have rare fog lights from "Hella" in plastic cases that are specially made to fit under the front bumper that are going in also this year.

I have a new set of driving lights with grill that gets put in this year too.

I also have the front light lens squirter assembly from a SE Model with tank and stuff that is also going in this year.

I still have to get everything painted the same color as the car.

Every year I try and add orginal stuff to this car.

Well thats enough talk!


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RE: mazdaman1

#2 von mazda-man1 , 27.03.2008 23:53

Hey serraselmus

Thanks for putting the pictures in for me!

I just want to add the car data from this car for the other members.

This is one of the first 626GD GT Versions made and one of the first in Germany.

22 Dec 1987
Mazda 626 GD
5 door (rare) GT Version
2.0 ltr. 16V (Euro1 Kat)
103KW / 140PS
Second Owner (12 Jul 2003 / 112,042KM)
134,354KM (NOW)
All Original (or original add ons) except full 40mm B & G Suspension!

I can speak and read German, but I can not write it. Sorry!


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RE: mazdaman1

#3 von cb2_meinerster , 28.03.2008 09:33

Really nice car may be especially because its original.

Ich libbe eusch alle trotzdem oder gerade deswegen Dawischt Schoenramer

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RE: mazdaman1

#4 von normi79 , 28.03.2008 20:07

OMG, very nice...I like that look

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RE: mazdaman1

#5 von Mazda626 , 30.03.2008 10:10

it s very good

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