Mazda K360/T600, 1959-1972?

#1 von baltsiotis , 18.07.2008 12:51

After the "petition" of one of the forum members, I post some pics of my 1967 T600.
This is a greek market model, propably built at 1966, licensed at 1967. Thre-wheel trucks were very popular in Greece until mid 70s, a fact that leaded mazda Greece to include the T1500 three-whell truck at the CKD (Complete Knock Down) production line (along with 323, B1600 and E3000 (or 2700, I dont really remember right now). At that time, many Greek small factories involved at the production of three wheel trucks, some of them with VW engine, a fact that contributed to the high collectability of the three whellers the last two-three years in Greece. I bought the T600 for 1500 euros plus 300 euros for some parts (like the original plastic windows). Mechanically is in very good condition, some parts needed for restoration though, like taillights, speedometer in better situation etc. An immaculate steering wheel was bought from yahoo auctions jp and I m still searching.

"hand-made" by the owner reverse light in order to meet the 70s regualtions

(2 cylinder four stroke air cooled with incredible sound)

A prior model

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RE: Mazda K360/T600, 1959-1972?

#2 von cb2_meinerster , 18.07.2008 17:58

Wonderful drive very rare but beautyful then ever!

Ich libbe eusch alle trotzdem oder gerade deswegen Dawischt Schoenramer

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RE: Mazda K360/T600, 1959-1972?

#3 von Kohanim , 18.07.2008 17:59


na Jungs das ist doch mal was für die Aservatenkammer.

Nice vehicle, often seen made in Germany (Tempo) and Italy (Vespa), but never seen before built by MAZDA.

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RE: Mazda K360/T600, 1959-1972?

#4 von KÜWE , 09.01.2009 22:40

Mate, this is an awesomecar! Great! Do you have more pics?

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RE: Mazda K360/T600, 1959-1972?

#5 von werny , 11.01.2009 12:11

How can I see the difference (on the outside) between a K360 and the T600?

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RE: Mazda K360/T600, 1959-1972?

#6 von serrasalmus , 11.01.2009 14:24

Ich denke mal der Hubraum wird der Unterschied sein......

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RE: Mazda K360/T600, 1959-1972?

#7 von werny , 12.01.2009 20:22

ja klar,
aber wie sehe ich das ohne die "Motorhaube" zu öffnen?

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