Falchi - Mazda 929 LA4

#1 von Falchi , 10.02.2008 14:31

Hello from Finland,

Just thought I say hello, I hope that english is ok because even though I do read and speak a little german it's not my
best language. Anyway here are some pictures of my 929 L 4 d HT 1981 with automatic trans, power windows, power mirrors, power steering, air condition, central locking and less than 130.000km. I may need some parts, don't know yet but maby I can check with you guys.


J-E Kempe

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RE: Falchi - Mazda 929 LA4

#2 von cb2_meinerster , 10.02.2008 14:46

Welcome Falchi.
Wonderful car especially the interior is in very good condition as i can see, from north to south, from west to East Mazda forever,
Greetings from Bavaria To Finland


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RE: Falchi - Mazda 929 LA4

#3 von serrasalmus , 10.02.2008 19:50

Hello Falchi,
nice to see you here! -Very nice car you have! -Hope we will find many postings from you!

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RE: Falchi - Mazda 929 LA4

#4 von normi79 , 10.02.2008 19:59

Welcome Falchi,

good looking ride! Have fun here,

regards Norman

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RE: Falchi - Mazda 929 LA4

#5 von drl , 10.02.2008 20:36

Hello again

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RE: Falchi - Mazda 929 LA4

#6 von Scatman , 10.02.2008 20:41

Hello Falchi,

a wonderfull car, welcome here


nur weil man nicht drüber spricht.....ist es nicht vergessen

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RE: Falchi - Mazda 929 LA4

#7 von Falchi , 11.02.2008 08:21

Helllo, nice to be here, there will be more pictures I promise.

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RE: Falchi - Mazda 929 LA4

#8 von X-Dream , 11.02.2008 16:57

hello falchi

nice to meet you

i hope u have a nice time ,you spent with this website

how you get to this forum? google?

don t u have a forum same this in ur country?

have fun and enjoy many friendly people

geschmack macht einsam

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RE: Falchi - Mazda 929 LA4

#9 von Falchi , 12.02.2008 09:42

Actually DRL recommended this and him I found trough his own site that I foun from mazda929.de since I also have a 1985 coupe, and yes we do have a finnish club forum also but not much on the LA4 model there.


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RE: Falchi - Mazda 929 LA4

#10 von Bruno , 12.02.2008 16:35

Hi Falchi!

A big Compliment for the 929 - looking very nice, inside and outside - like it should be!

Is there a big "oldtimer-lobby" in Finland? Here in Austria i sometimes think that nearly everybody owns a really old car or bike or something thats been built before the second world war

Bring us some more pictures online - looking forward to scandinavian highlights!

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RE: Falchi - Mazda 929 LA4

#11 von the nine2niner , 24.02.2008 18:39


hope everything is okay overthere, i got the same car without the extras! WOULD NED SOME PARTS TO: especially the backlight right sided.

best wishes from austria

the nine2niner  
the nine2niner
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RE: Falchi - Mazda 929 LA4

#12 von Falchi , 27.02.2008 20:42

The rear seat, and yes people like to collect youngtimer vehicles in Finland but they all face the same problem in getting parts,
at least those who are into japanese cars.

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RE: Falchi - Mazda 929 LA4

#13 von Coen , 08.07.2008 13:25

Nice !! i´ve got one to, in the same color as well, also got powerwindows but the pannel is in the mid console and not on the door. also got headligt washers, powersteering and central locking !

i dont have airco but i want to build in some time, do you have pictures of the engine and where is the button of the airco placed?

thanks for posting !

greets from Coen,
The Netherlands

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